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The Austin City Councilman

Feb 28, 2020

We are joined by Matt Mackowiak, co founder of Save Austin Now, who discusses their proposed ballot initiatives to roll back the clock on Austin's homeless ordinances.  They are in the middle of a campaign to gather signatures so that Austinites can have their voices heard through the ballot box in November and need...

Feb 21, 2020

Dr. Laura Pressley, founder of True Texas Elections, joins us to talk about how her election was stolen right out from under her.  How is this possible in Texas or the US?  Does she have proof?  On our website ( you can find a list of all the court cases she has won as well as pending...

Feb 14, 2020

Austin has a Human Right Commission?! Nathan White, appointed to the Human Rights Commission for District 5 by Ann Kitchen, joins to tell is what the HRC is, and we have a vibrant back and forth on some of their recommendations.