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The Austin City Councilman

Feb 27, 2023

Adam Loewy is a local attorney, philanthropist, and all around fun Twitter follow. We discuss the first six weeks of Watson's term as mayor, how it could be the beginning of his 2024 campaign, and much more.



Feb 24, 2023

Roger Falk is a mobility analyst with Mobility Austin. In this discussion he makes the case for alternative modes of transportation that fall under the category of 'micromobility' in Austin and beyond. Follow his work and learn more at his website:



Feb 20, 2023

Mackenzie Kelly is councilwoman representing Austin's District 6. She joins the show to discuss the February 15th council meeting in which City Manager Spencer Cronk was terminated and the council decided to move forward with negotiating a 1 year police contract.

Feb 16, 2023

Recorded Twitter Space on 2/15/23 covering and recapping the firing of Spencer Cronk and the 1 yr APD Contract.

Speakers include Dennis Ferris, Blue Canaries, and Clinton Rarey.

The recording jumps in about 5 min in (my fault), where Clinton is recapping his twitter thread about how there is little evidence that the...

Feb 15, 2023

Adam Greenfield is the executive director of Rethink 35, a group pushing for the study of alternatives to the I35 expansion. You can learn more about them and find links for their social media, at their website:



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